Maurice Imhoff will continue to seek community support from the 46th District


Jackson, MI – Maurice Imhoff is running for Michigan State Representative of the 46th District. Through a groundswell of community support, Imhoff reconsidered the suspension of his campaign. Residents said they could relate to dealing with past transgressions and would rather talk about the future of the region and the great State of Michigan.

“I made a commitment and want to finish what I started,” said Imhoff. “I dropped the campaign because that’s what I thought voters would want. I now believe that our community is less focused on the past and more concerned about the future.”

Voters will decide the outcome of the election, added Imhoff. He believes he has ideas, passion and the commitment needed to excel as State Representative. Imhoff understands an important demographic that needs engagement – our youth. Imhoff can relate to younger voters and help them see how they can play a role in community and policy that will impact them for years to come.

“I would say to voters that I’m a lot like them. I’ve dealt with challenges and made mistakes that I wish I hadn’t,” Imhoff stated. “I’ve learned a great deal in my youth that gives me unique perspective. I’m willing to listen to the constituents, go to Lansing and come up with solutions to their issues. I know I can make a difference. I’m asking the community to vote for me to represent them.”

Imhoff will focus his energy on moving forward regarding the real concerns facing the 46th District, including:

  • Inflation – Rising prices are hurting people today. We need to look for ways to cut middle class taxes for families, end the retirement tax and provide for a gas tax holiday.

  • Healthcare – Affordable access to health coverage is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. We need to protect those with pre-existing conditions now.

  • Reproductive rights – We must allow women the right to choose what is acceptable for their own bodies. To turn back these rights after 50 years is unacceptable.

  • Safe neighborhoods – We need to protect citizens by looking at legislation that creates stronger background checks for weapon purchases.

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